Determination. Curiosity. Communication.

These three words embody both my character and my studies. These same three words have now become the mantra to carry out each job and to get the best results I can. Curiosity and the desire to discover new things are essential to any interpreter. For that reason, in the last few years I have decided to attend postgraduate courses (in the economic-financial and in the medical-pharmaceutical sectors). I strongly believe that this kind of studies allows me to offer the best kind of services as an interpreter and a translator.

Through my studies and my work experience, I have delved into different fields, such as the economic-financial, the textile and the town-planning field (thanks to a one-year collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano). I am currently improving my knowledge of the medical-pharmaceutical sector.

You can download my complete CV to get more information.


As an interpreter:

  • Liaison interpreting during tradeshows and B2B/B2C meetings
  • Consecutive interpreting during book presentations, interviews and lectures
  • Chuchotage during one-to-one company training courses
  • Simultaneous interpreting during conferences and multilingual meetings

As a translator:

  • Translation and review of financial texts
  • Translation and review of company documents
  • Translation and review of medical-pharmaceutical texts

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