Gabriele Sanna



I am Gabriele and I am a translator and interpreter from Turin with a particular love for Spain. obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Interpreting and Translating at SMML Vittoria in Turin and UNINT in Rome, respectively. I also have a Master in Technical and Scientific Translation.
I am passionate about my work and I am thirsty for culture, something that perfectly matches my nature with this job that allows me to continuously learn something new.

I started gaining experience as an interpreter and translator in the second year of my Bachelor’s degree and I didn’t stop to date; after graduating in December 2020, I was able to dedicate all of my time to this profession and move to Spain.

Among my great passions are sports and prestidigitation, both passions that between the ages of 16 and 24 I managed to turn into work. Working as a magician for adults and children has helped me a lot to nurture my skills of interaction and public speaking, which are also very useful as an interpreter.

So far, I see my life as a puzzle in which every experience, every tile, has had its importance and is complementary to the final picture. I am convinced that I can prove to be the right tile for the language services you need.