When I took the “Il diritto per tradurre” (“The legal knowledge we need to translate”) CDP course, one of the first things that my teacher taught me was that “in law, language does not simply describe things, it ‘creates’ them.” So, if you need to translate a contract, an agreement, a judgement issued by a foreign court, an article of association or a conveyance deed into Italian, you should be wary of amateurs or translators who claim to be a jack-of-all-trades.

Thanks to a 6-month specialization course in Legal Translation and Legal English, a postgraduate course in Legal Translation of Contracts, Agreements and Corporate Law Documents at the University of Milan’s Faculty of Law, and to many other courses and seminars that I have attended, both in classroom and online, I am able to guarantee accurate translations of legal documents, which maintain the style of documents drafted by Italian judges, notary publics and lawyers, while ensuring comprehension of the unbridgeable gap between common law legal systems and the Italian civil law legal system.


As a translator:

  • Translation of legal documents (agreements, corporate law documents, conveyance deeds, wills and testaments, judgements, etc.)
  • Translation of financial texts (investment fund prospectuses, fund commentaries, Due Diligence documentation, transfer pricing, economic outlooks)
  • Translation for businesses (private correspondence, annual and consolidated financial statements, agreements for internal use, tender documentation)

N.B.: As an ordinary member of the Italian National Association of Interpreters and Translators, I am qualified to certify translations before the Court of Milan, so you can count on me if you need a sworn and official translation for both Italian and foreign governments.

As an interpreter:


  • Liaison interpreting at B2B meetings, board meetings and trade fairs
  • Consecutive interpreting for civil lawsuits, interviews and book presentations
  • Simultaneous interpreting for conferences and events
  • Chuchotage interpreting for firm audits and one-to-one training courses at companies’ premises


  • For interpreting services:

English to Italian
Spanish to Italian

  • For interpreting services:

Spanish <>Italian
English <>Italian