Ambra Figini



My name is Ambra and I am a freelance interpreter and translator, working with Italian (my native language), English and Russian. I studied translation and conference interpreting in Italy and Russia, and I started my freelance business in 2018.

I help businesses, organizations and universities bridge the cultural and linguistic gap and communicate effectively with clients, partners or students.

As a conference and B2B interpreter, I work at conferences, sales meetings, during technical audits, market research interviews, B2B business talks and university lectures. I interpret in the Italian <> English and Italian <> Russian language pairs. My ultimate goal is to help big and small clients make an impression with accurately-crafted Italian texts.

When it comes to written translations, I specialise in fashion, marketing, web/app/software localization and EU publications on scientific research (on topics like environment, energy, sustainability, medicine/pharmaceutical research and the humanities). My services include: – Interpreting at conferences, meetings (also remotely on Zoom or other platforms) – simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage (whispered interpreting) – Liaison/B2B interpreting for business meetings, international trade shows, audits, market research interviews and more. – Translation of texts and articles into Italian from English and Russian.

I live close to Milan, in Northern Italy, just a few kilometres from the Swiss border. I am happy to take on interpreting assignments both in Italy and abroad, or to help you remotely with your written translation requests.

Do you want to communicate clearly and effectively with your Italian audience, clients or partners? Feel free to contact me, I will be happy to discuss how I can help you.

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