On this website you will find only professional interpreters and translators owning a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in conference interpreting or translation, both obtained at the very best Italian and European universities. CIT interpreters have a master’s degree whose courses are recognized by the DG Interpretation of the European Union and comply with the training quality standards set out by AIIC (the International Association of Conference Interpreters) by the Directorate General for Interpretation and Conferences of the European Parliament (DG INTE) and by the European Commission (DG SCIC).

CIT professionals individually commit to a continuing professional development(CPD) program in order to be always up-to-date and expand their knowledge.


in the event of high-volume projects/multilingual projects, thanks to their mutual trust and their shared values CIT professionals are capable of working in a team or in couple.

a relationship of trust between customer and professionals


Flexible, dynamic and experienced professionals

care and assistance for the client

CPD, so we can always be up-to-date

you are sure of hiring committed and prepared professionals


Shorter supply chain: you will be directly in contact
with your chosen professional(s)

less researching: if you need two or more interpreters, CIT professionals will be happy to redirect you to the colleague who best fits your needs. In addition, we can supply you with the right contacts to find the required equipment (e.g. booths)

Less waste of time: contacting the professionals you need directly means less time spent on the phone; if the professional you are contacting
is not available, they will be more than happy to recommend you to another professional to entrust with your project.

less data sharing: your material ends up directly
in the hands of a professional, avoiding that sensible documents could be intercepted


CIT is a network of professionals and not an agency, so it does not perform any paid “intermediary” activity: its mission is to help clients in their search for highly competent and specialized interpreters and translators.

CIT professionals are transparent: if their language combinations or specializations do not fit the service they are contacted for, each professional would rather redirect the client to another competent professional.


CIT is a network of professional interpreters and translators who have been working together for years. This website is a showcase that allows clients to know at a glance who is best suited to their needs, and to choose from a range of services, specializations and professionals. We believe in networking: if your project requires it, we also rely on trusted colleagues outside CIT to meet your needs, as our network extends well beyond the website.